The Salt Giant lands in Teulada-Moraira: an ode to human strength in the face of COVID The Salt Giant lands in Teulada-Moraira: an ode to human strength in the face of COVID

The Salt Giant lands in Teulada-Moraira: an ode to human strength in the face of COVID

February 10 from 2022 - 11: 21

The monumental sculpture 'Gigante de Sal' by Coderch and Malavia already has a new home. After finishing its stage in La Marina de València after a one-year stay, the municipality of Teulada Moraira, together with Coderch and Malavia, announce that the Giant will settle on the coast of the Alicante municipality, at the foot of the sea. The opening ceremony will be on March 6, coinciding with the dates close to the anniversary of the start of the pandemic in Spain, in homage to the meaning of the piece: an ode to human strength in difficult situations such as the COVID-19 crisis.

The artists Coderch and Malavia have thanked Teulada Moraira for the interest in having the Giant in such a privileged place as the coast of the municipality. “It is an honor for us that the Giant begins its new stage in Teulada Moraira, in a place so representative of the beauty of the Valencian Community”. The artistic duo, based in Valencia, also wanted to highlight the message behind the 'Salt Giant', a celebration of the rebirth of society after collective catastrophes.

The mayor of Teulada Moraira, Raúl Llobel, has expressed pride that his municipality is the new setting for this piece that has already passed through cities such as Munich, Toulouse or Capri in the artists' eagerness to bring art to the street. “We are happy to have a figure in Teulada Moraira who represents the rebirth of society, the ability to overcome and the demonstration that together we are stronger. For this reason, I am grateful that Coderch and Malavia, winners of the Reina Sofía Prize for Painting and Sculpture, have accepted that our town be the new destination of the Salt Giant”, he assures.

A giant with history

The sculpture 'Gigante de Sal' is one of the works with the most international projection by the artistic duo, Coderch and Malavia. This monumental bronze piece has toured different European capitals spreading its meaning. The artists created the Giant inspired by the Butoh dance performance of Fred Herrera, who just a few weeks ago traveled to Valencia to see the sculpture in person.

This Japanese dance, which dates back to the years after World War II, reflects the resilience and strength of human beings to be reborn after great catastrophes such as the Hiroshima bomb.

A message with a direct connection to the years of the pandemic after which the Giant became a symbol of the strength of society.

Behind Coderch and Malavia

Coderch and Malavia came together on this common project just six years ago. In this time they have achieved an international projection that has led them to be awarded twice at the International ARC Salon, one of the most important art competitions in the United States. The artists have exhibited their works around the world, highlighting galleries such as Sotheby's in New York, Context Art Miami or the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) in Barcelona.

In Spain, the artistic couple was awarded the Reina Sofía Prize for Painting and Sculpture in its 52nd edition for their piece 'Hamlet'. From their workshop in Valencia they create their hyper-realistic works inspired by the human being as the center of their art. His work captures the beauty and contradiction of people based on mythology and the problems that humanity faces such as the deterioration of the environment or the lack of equality.

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