The team - The team -

The team is the new project of the Avantcem group that was born in April 2021. The group has more than 10 years of experience in the media, with the headlines Dé, created in June 2010, and Já, released in January 2013.

Despite its short history, this digital newspaper has more than 150.000 monthly visits, 67.000 unique users and more than 100.000 monthly sessions, and has become the second most read regional media.

Our team

Sendra Jaume - Partner and CEO
Pedro Perles - Partner and CTO
David Ribes - Partner and Commercial Director


Itsaso Aurrekoetxea - Editorial Manager
Verónica Blasco - Editor
javier fair - Editor


Diana Victoria - Advertising Manager
Alberto Robles - Copywriter is part of the Avantcem group, leader in local communication with the Dé and Já websites. In addition, it is a benchmark for local communication with the Avantcem agency with management of social networks, corporate communication, graphic design, photography and video. Known here to the rest of the team.