The Team - The Team -

The Team is the new project of the Avantcem group that was born in April 2021. The group has more than 10 years of experience in the media, with the headlines Dé , created in June 2010, and Já, released in January 2013.

Our goal is to offer the closest local information to the readers of the Marina Alta.

From birth to now, it has undergone exponential growth, reaching 150.000 visits per month and becoming the most visited digital medium on a daily basis. Xàbia, has 120.000 monthly visits, being one of the most widely read media in the municipality.

Likewise, our social networks are a clear example of the relevance of our communication media. Only in Dénia we have more than 36.000 followers in Facebook, Exceeding 4.000 followers Twitter, more than 11.000 followers in Instagram, with more than 300 subscribers in its channel Youtube and skimming the 3.000 subscribers to the newsletter, It is currently the local environment more impact on social networks.

To make all this possible, the Avantcem group has a large team of writers, salespeople and IT specialists who make this project grow a little more every day.

Editorial Department

Aurora Ferrer
Managing Editor

Image: Aurora Ferrer

Aurora Ferrer has a degree in Journalism from the CEU Cardenal Herrera University of Valencia. After two years in the Department of Advertising and Social Networks of the Avantcem group, he is now in charge of managing the informative content of the group's new project,

commercial department

David Ribes
Partner and Commercial Director

David Ribes

An expert in business throughout the region. David Ribes has worked in the commercial sector in all media offers our customers the product that fits your needs for over ten years. David directed from the commercial department 2012, y

Carolina Noguera

Carolina Noguera

With extensive experience as a business in different formats, Carolina Noguera brings to the team the strength and freshness of their work and extensive knowledge of the local and regional market. Carolina has been the latest addition to the team led by David Ribes, pending an expert public relations of every detail.

Jessica Herrera
Coordinator of the Advertising Department


Jessica Herrera, graduated in Journalism from the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, is the Advertising and Social Networks Coordinator of the Avantcem group.

technical Department

Carlos Gonzalez
Technical development

Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos González is engineer in computer science from the University of Alicante. Specialist web development and online projects.