Send us your news (Whatsapp or Email) - Send us your news (Whatsapp or Email) -

Send us your news (Whatsapp or email) is a plural, impartial and close communication medium. We want to make you part of it!

  • Have you seen a traffic accident in the area?
  • You want to report the status of a street?
  • Is there a stir near your home and do not know why?
  • Would you like to comment on some politician?
  • Give a personal opinion?
  • Do you want to correct or improve any of our news? ...

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WhatsApp (657 38 89 27)

If there is an event that you want to report (an accident, commotion, etc ...) through WhatsApp you can quickly get in touch with the team.

Email (

For longer articles, news, opinions or attach photos probably prefer to use email.

So we can verify the identity of the person is important to indicate your Name and surname.

Upon receipt of the information the editorial team will shape and publish based on our journalistic standards and our editorial line.