Vall de Gallinera, epicenter of olive oil and its uses in the kitchen Vall de Gallinera, epicenter of olive oil and its uses in the kitchen
January 30 from 2023 - 10: 32

Next Monday, February 6, the XNUMXst Meeting between cooking and olive oil production professionals will take place in the Vall de Gallinera town hall building located in Benialí. A meeting that aims to assert this agricultural production so deeply rooted in our territory, and that also serves to bring positions closer between the productive part and the gastronomic offer without forgetting the pedagogy among the general public.

The Agrarian Heritage is made up of the set of natural and cultural assets, material and immaterial, generated or used by agricultural activity throughout history. Based on this definition, the number and variety of goods that can be considered as members of the Agrarian Patrimony is very broad.

They can be distinguished, if the classification of assets commonly used in heritage regulations is followed, between: personal property, singular real estate, joint or linear real estate, intangible heritage and natural and genetic heritage. And this means that the agricultural heritage is considered a special heritage due to the great variety of elements that make it up.

In the production of olive oil we can find all kinds of heritage elements, such as those described above, from margins built with the dry stone technique, peculiar utensils such as esportins or culinary nomenclatures such as the word oil can which has been used since the XNUMXth century throughout our territory.

Following this path of preservation of agricultural heritage and with the aim of dignifying the work of working the land, from the Vall de Gallinera City Council with the coordination led by Pep Romany, owner of the Pont Sec Restaurant in Dénia and a great one in relation to the Marina Alta in the defense of the
production of quality olive oil, this conference has been organized that aims to focus on our agricultural and gastronomic identity.

These conferences have the collaboration of the entities: Associació d'Hostaleria de la Marina Alta (AEHTMA), Olis de Diània, Càtedra de Carmencita of the Universitat d'Alacant, Cooperativa de Planes.

In addition to the following agricultural projects: Blat de la Marina, Castell de la Costurera, El Olivista, Eco Les Neves de l'Alqueria, Olis del Comtat, Rontonar, Tossut, Trompellot and 5 Oliveres.

And it has the participation of the chefs Miquel Ruiz, from the El Baret de Miquel Restaurant in Dénia and Evarist Miralles, from the El Nou Cavall Verd Restaurant in Vall de Laguar.

And finally also the participation of Josep Bernabeu, Professor of the University of Alicante and Director of the Carmencita Chair, Adelia Vicent, Professor of professional training in cooking and pastry in Dénia and Jacinta Pastor, Professor of the Cicle Mitjà d'Olis i Vins from Teulada Moraira.

The Vall de Gallinera Town Council considers that with these awareness-raising actions, they not only work for the defense of the territory, but also create a bridge between two environments that have been distanced in recent decades, such as the rural environment and agrarian respect the urban environment and services.

Public institutions, and this is what the Municipal Council considers, are increasingly obliged to break with the concept of the existence of two opposing worlds if not rather they have to invite citizens to understand the two environments, the urban and the rural, as two catalysts of social cohesion and pride of the Valencian people and this begins to appreciate and dignify what our territory produces with the simple fact of finding it on our food tables.

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