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Restaurant Noguera

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Restaurant Noguera, native cuisine to vora mar.

Discover the best rice dishes in an idyllic setting in Dénia. Paellas, dry and creamy rice, red shrimp from Dénia, Mediterranean garden, grilled fish and meats, traditional stews... an infinite number of delicious dishes that will not leave you indifferent.

Healthier, closer and more sustainable

His new kitchen concept is healthier or as it is currently called "real food". A new kitchen in which great importance is given to the type of food that is used, in order to create healthy and tasty dishes. It is also closer, both in dealing with the client and in the local products it uses, based on local products. And the last concept that it incorporates is that of sustainability, incorporating new techniques to create a kitchen that is a little more sustainable every day.

If you enjoy traditional Mediterranean cuisine and want to disconnect while having something or eating in front of the sea, Restaurant Noguera is your ideal place in Dénia. Live the experience in first person and enjoy eating "a vora mar", where everything tastes better.


Carrer Llac Major, 3 (Carretera de las Marinas, km. 6) (Dénia) -
  1. Lourdes says:

    I would love to go back with my partner, I enjoy their sunset having a drink and I delight in the good quality of the product you eat. I'd love for him to trade me.

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  4. World says:

    I would really like to go with my partner to enjoy an evening full of good food, service and views, you can't ask for more. Thanks

  5. Gaspar San Aureliano Puchades says:

    I would go with my friend

  6. vice olaso says:

    Moltes win to return to Noguera, but to me the greatest restaurant in Dénia

  7. Isabel miguel garcia says:

    I would be very happy to touch me !! I would go with the family