Why don't health professionals want to come to the Marina Alta? Why don't health professionals want to come to the Marina Alta?

Why don't health professionals want to come to the Marina Alta?

May 18 from 2024 - 09: 05

Achieving the reversal of healthcare in the Marina Alta was not easy and starting the machinery again after 15 years of private management is not being easy either. In recent weeks, the lack of doctors has been very notable, especially in the emergency rooms of the Hospital de Dénia. But, what state is the relationship between the Ministry and health in the region?

It is not that work is not being done to normalize and advance in the improvement of health services and conditions, rather, it is that the line to follow at this time is in negotiation process. And, in addition, the workers are waiting for the judicial resolution of the collective agreement that the previous Ministry paralyzed, despite the fact that it would achieve improvements for the workforce.

The situation is not easy, «the old company left us in our bones», says Joan Sarrió, president of the Company Committee of health workers. Sarrió highlights the problem of the lack of doctors because "it is not that the positions have not been created, it is that Right now there are no doctors on the stock market».

«Here life is more expensive»

And, obviously, the representative of the Committee highlights, above all, that "the region is not attractive for healthcare workers." In this sense, the first reason that soon emerges is the rental price. «Here life is more expensive. In Dénia you must spend half of your salary on rent, if you can find any, because there isn't either.

And if you move a little away from the capital of the region, prices drop, although not dramatically. And, if you add the trips to work, the expense becomes very similar. In addition, public transport connections are insufficient in every sense.

«The only formula is that the region can compete with the others»

The Committee and the Staff Board continue to request the declaration of the health area in the Marina Alta difficult to cover. A measure that would allow prioritizing the arrival of professionals to the Marina Alta "and that would also make them stay». Sarrió affirms that the "only formula for them to want to work here is for the region to be able to compete with the others." Charge more and in better conditions.

But in recent weeks we have seen how the unions have mobilized to denounce multiple payroll problems of the personnel hired by Marina Salud and who have now become dependent on the Conselleria. On the one hand, these workers are receiving only the base salary without applying the payroll supplements that belong to them. More reasons for rejection for the area.

«There has been a lack of coordination total," says Sarrió, who indicates that public mechanisms "are a slow apparatus" to implement and make improvements visible, but he is confident that they will come. And, on the other hand, the new statutory members have also had payment problems. «With mass hiring contracts have not arrived on time».

«The company left the entire area in the ICU»

The issue, points out the president of the Committee, is that the Department budgets destined for the Department of Health of Dénia this 2024 are to "expand the staff, for repairs to the facilities and improvements in machinery", because the company "left the entire area in the ICU."

And another concern is added to the long list of demands by the Marina Alta health workers. «The Ministry assured that would equalize the conditions Of all the workers, however, they clarified that this objective was a legislative political proposal», says Sarrió. Therefore, it will not be immediate, but "negotiations are in progress to improve conditions and for the 2025 budgets to include the homogenization of working conditions."

  1. Jesus says:

    It's Ayuso's fault, for sure...

  2. Cesar Pino Dominguez says:

    Foreigners would be appreciated if they made a little effort to learn Spanish. And if they don't want to, let them make themselves understood when they write through translators.
    If they are interested in having attention paid to their complaints, praise or criticism
    Sincerely: César Pino.

  3. hammer says:

    The response of a private entity would be to raise the salaries and prices of its clients if they pay for it, but after the reversal, we have the salaries of a "socialist" country and the costs of a "capitalist" country. Let's see if it will turn out that the disaster is the reversal itself, so celebrated by the left. The response capacity of public entities is null, except for the communist measures of expropriation of apartments and other common nonsense.
    To complete the political incorrectness, another topic. Where are the health professionals from the Marina Alta? There have been two generations here who have not bought an apartment, but rather the family, parents and grandparents have provided it. Or is it that the locals do not complete secondary and higher education? What is the exact measure of school failure in the Marina Alta? Given what we see, it must be a colossal disaster, the result of a lax education that has given everything to the children, who are left without a job or benefit, only to complain that they cannot buy an apartment even though they have no preparation for it. nothing. Tons of decadence is what we have.

    • Jesus says:

      Totally agree

    • Gonzalo Mengual Soler says:

      I am very sorry to agree with you because what private companies seek is to function to continue having clients here as clients have them as punishment for only dedicating themselves to seeking their primary benefits.

  4. Martha says:

    Ich wünsche für ALLE Mitarbeiter in diesem Krankenhaus ,das diese Missstände zum Wohle ihrer alltäglichen Einsätzen gerecht entlohnt werden.
    Wie kann es sein das alte Gesundheitsministerium die 15 jährige Misswirtschaft geduldet und keine konsequente
    Maßnahmen eingeleitet bzw. durchgeführt haben.
    Öffnet doch einfach alle Privaten Krankenhäuser und Gesundheitszentren den Zugang und Behandlung auch für Sozialkrankenversicherte andere Länder kennen solche krassen Unterschiede nicht im europäischen Raum.
    Wie schon festgestellt leben hier von 10 spanischen Bürgern 4 Bürger aus anderen europäischen Ländern also total international.
    Das Marina Salud Krankenhaus wird dem Zuwachs an Zugezogenen schon lang nicht mehr gerecht, aber ohne eigenem Verschulden
    hier haben die Politiker versagt
    Die Wohnungssituation ist prikär verschuldet dem Massentourismus und blockieren von Ferienwohnungen, die nur dafür genutzt werden, und die Preise explizit in die Höhe getrieben haben zum Nachteil für medizinische. Personal ua, die no Chance haben bezahlbaren Wohnraum zu finden wie auch andere Berufsgruppen
    Hier steht der Einheimische nicht im Vordergrund sondern der Tourismus

  5. Relief says:

    The. Rents are brutal everywhere. In Ireland a 4 bedroom house. 5.500 a month. My son returns from Australia to Ireland and can't find a home. Small apartments 3.000 a month that do not fit. This is crazy all over the world, not just in Spain.