Pego joins all forces for a new 'Reconquest of glass' Pego joins all forces for a new 'Reconquest of glass'

Pego joins all forces for a new 'Reconquest of glass'

May 15 from 2024 - 13: 48

Just over a month before the start of the Moors and Christians festivities, the festival-goers, Ecovidrio and the Pego City Council are already warming up and working on preparations for the June festivities. The objective is to guarantee the maximum possible glass recycling during the days of celebrations. To this end, Ecovidrio and the council have agreed to reinforce the areas where the booths are located with glass containers to facilitate the removal of bottles, and in addition, each of the queues will be provided with a mobile device to carry out this process more quickly and efficiently. task.

"The objective is to increase the glass collection figures and revalidate the title of population that recycles the most during the holidays, to win again in the Reconquest of glass as we have done in 2023," highlights the Councilor for Urban Waste, Ricardo Sendra. To achieve this, it is important, he emphasizes, the maximum involvement of the festival-goers, "they have shown that during the holidays it is also possible to be aware of recycling and caring for the environment, we must continue on this path. From the council and Ecovidrio we are going to try
make this work as easy as possible for them."

In fact, as in previous editions, Ecovidrio will send several 'educators' during the holidays in charge of resolving any doubts of the revelers, as well as promoting recycling during those days. This year, in addition, there will be a selfie-point where the revelers, and the rest of the neighbors, will be able to demonstrate their desire to recycle.

Contest winners

To open our mouths to everything that is coming, Ecovidrio delivered this week the gift that was raffled off during the past holidays (those of 2023) among the Moorish and Christian ranks of the town. The award went to the Christian filà Conqueridores. "It is a small reward for a job well done and that little by little all the rows will enjoy," they indicate from Ecovidrio.

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