'Ondara se uncovers', the town's new and original tapas route 'Ondara se uncovers', the town's new and original tapas route

'Ondara se uncovers', the town's new and original tapas route

Start date: May 02th 2024
Finish date: June 13th, 2024
Event type: Other events
Site: Ondara shops
Home: 3,50 euros

This morning the new proposal promoted by the Department of Economic Promotion of the Ondara City Council, directed by Raquel Mengual, was presented at the Ondara City Council: "Ondara is uncovered." This is the new Tapa Route, which will take place in local establishments, every Thursday in the months of May and June, until June 13, 2024. "Ondara se destapa" will begin next Thursday, May 2.

The presentation was attended by the Councilor for Economic Promotion, Raquel Mengual; and representatives of some of the participating establishments; Raúl Fornés (Bar Prado), Cati Ramis (Hotel Ramis) and Álex Gómez (Café Sendra). Raquel Mengual has encouraged citizens to participate in "Ondara se destapa", which will be "a good showcase to taste the local product, and a good way to get to know the gastronomy of Ondara."

A total of 17 bars and restaurants in Ondara will participate in this tasty culinary proposal: Bar Friends, Café Sendra, Bar-Rte Racó de Ondara, Bar Gavilà, Cafeteria Centro Social, Restaurante Desig, Restobar La Mona, Bar-Rte ExisZe, Bar Prado , Kiko's Bar, Bergante, Bar el Bosc, Así Baix Bar, Hotel Ramis, Karma Cafeteria Bar, La Dinaora Bar and La Sabrosa. The participating establishments consider that this Tapa Route "is a very good initiative and a good option for healthy leisure for all audiences."

As Raquel Mengual explained, Thursday has been chosen as the day to offer tapas because on weekends there are already a lot of people in local establishments, and in this way, they can also dedicate more time to preparing the tapas. The methodology of this new edition will be open cover; Each establishment will have complete freedom in preparing the tapa, which may be the same or vary each week, as each participating bar decides; Each establishment will also have the freedom to set the time in which the tapa will be served.

The price will be tapas plus drink, beer, vermouth or wine, for 3,5 euros. All customers who complete the Tapas Route in the 17 participating locations will be entered into the drawing for 2 dinners for 2 people. For this purpose, a Tapa Route passport has been created, which they can stamp in each place they visit and consume tapas. The passport will be deposited in the Catalan Space and, once the route is over, a draw will be held among all the completed passports.

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