Moha Rida and María Isabel Ferrer win the massive Volta a Peu de Pedreguer Moha Rida and María Isabel Ferrer win the massive Volta a Peu de Pedreguer

Moha Rida and María Isabel Ferrer win the massive Volta a Peu de Pedreguer

May 20 from 2024 - 10: 05

At seven in the afternoon the starting signal for the queen event was given, which as always, mixes that special color interspersed by the confetti cannons and the runners. Moha Rida continues very strong and was awarded one more Circuit test in favor of him, the Llebeig athlete Xàbia was able to lower the time of the
previous edition in half a minute, 33:20 in his usual average this year at 3:20/k, in second place, twenty seconds later he was preceded by José David Moruno, from Correcaminos, 33:40, being third as in the last edition the CA Benidorm athlete Juanan Fernández with a time of 33:59.

María Isabel Ferrer, without a doubt, the Queen of the Circuit, also destroyed her time by dropping one minute off the previous mark. Ferrer stopped the time at 36:28, at an average of 3:39/k, Andrea Abad from Publidom was second. , 38:22, the absolute female podium was completed by the local athlete from Cametes de Pedreguer, Esther Fornés Pérez with a time of 39:33.

local podiums

The local male podium, once again this year, was awarded to Oscar Fornés Sanchís, (CA Cametes) 36:56, accompanied by his teammate José Enrique Navarro Pedro 37:31, completing the third box by the athlete Josep Ramís Bertomeu, belonging to Ondara Tri -Esport, 38:02. In girls, the first locals were, Esther Fornés Pérez, 39:33, from
Cametes Anna Puigcerver Pérez, from Calapatar Blue second 47:10 and Pilar Pérez Tomas from Cametes third with a time of 47:31. You can consult the rest of the classifications on the Somesport and Circuit a Peu Marina Alta websites.

Children's Races

One more edition, record in participation in children's races. More than 500 boys and girls in the categories of prebarrufets, barrufets and prebenjamines, tests that do not count in the Circuit a Peu along with the youngest categories
to youth that, if they score, 900 runners joined the main race, as well as the non-competitive Course, thus adding close to 1.800 participants among all the events.

The results of the children's tests were: in the youngest category, Ernest Garcés Francés (CA Bernia) was first 02:57, followed by Daniel Fullana Padilla, (CE Llebeig Xàbia) 02:59, with Ángel Ibáñez Gómez from E entering third. Atletisme Pedreguer, 03:01. In girls Lara Fornés Català, (CE Llebeig Xàbia), was the first 03:01, for
ahead of Ariadna Sojo Pimentel (CA Dianium), second, 03:06, completing the podium Carla Fuster Morera Independiente, 03:09. Next, in the juvenile category, he took center stage, and in the boys Aday Henan Sala Independiente, came first 03:33, followed by the brothers from C Ginestar Atletisme Benissa Jaume Blas de Gea, second 03:37 and Adolfo Blas de Gea, third 03:38.

In girls, Claudia Signes Carrió (CEIP L'Alfás) 03:42, was first, ahead of Laia Mestre Sala (CE Dorsal 19 Pego) 03:44, and third Marina Cózar Selles (CE Llebeig Xàbia), with a time from 03:45. The Children's podium, in women, went to Aitana Tor Pera from CA La Nucia, 04:35, she repeated victory once again in Pedreguer, leaving Anna Savall Mengual (CA Llebeig Xàbia) a few seconds behind, 04:46 who came in second. ahead of Carla Fuertes Garrigues (C Ginestar Atletisme Benissa), third with a time of 04:56. Male children's podium, it has been common, to see the twins from Dorsal 19 Pego, Joan Alemany Pons and Ángel Alemany Pons together with Didac, occupy the three drawers, in Pedreguer the twins entered at 04:23, and Didac Chesa Cervera (C Orba Multiesport) 04:26, was third. The fastest cadets were the local Joan García Milvaques from Cametes, 08:31 first, second came Raúl Blázquez Mas from CA La Nucia 08:34, and third was Lucas Rodrigo Mengual from C Triatló Gandía 08:37.

In girls Silvia Díaz Berenguer (CA La Nucia) 09:16 showed that she continues very well against her opponents, winning again ahead of Iris Pons Diego (CA Dianium) 10:03, second and María Devesa Buigues also from Dianium,
third with a time of 10:10.

In the female youth category, Celia Fornés Blázquez from CA Gata was first with a time of 16:48, she was preceded by Jimena Gutiérrez Sedeño (CA La Nucia) 18:08, being second, third among the independent runner, Elia Mulet Jorro with a record of 18:31. In boys, Dianium athlete Didac Bañuls Climent managed to be the fastest with a time of 12:53, very close was Leo Martínez Briggs, CA L'Alfás athlete, second with a time of 12:55, third position for Adrián Llobell Ivars del Ginestar Atletisme Benissa, 13:16.

Next Test of the Circuit a Peu

The penultimate test of the Circuit, reaching its final section, will meet on Saturday in Ondara, with the XXIV CURSA POPULAR ONDARA, hosting the twelfth test of the Circuit a Peu, registration is open to all runners who are not registered in the Circuit, who will be able to participate in the test, making the appropriate registration until Friday, May 24, at twelve noon, through Somesport, remembering that registration is not accepted on the same day of the race.

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