Patients from the Dénia Health Department pay tribute to health workers on Primary Care Day Patients from the Dénia Health Department pay tribute to health workers on Primary Care Day

Patients from the Dénia Health Department pay tribute to health workers on Primary Care Day

12 2024 April - 09: 49

In fiscal year 2023, the Primary Care of the Department of Health of Dénia It closed with a healthcare activity close to 1.250.000 consultations, covering medicine, nursing and emergencies. This figure, which represents a slight increase compared to the previous year, consolidates the upward trend in the resident population in the Marina Alta.

In addition to consultations in health centers, Primary Care also carried out a significant number of home visits. Throughout 2023, nearly 40.000 were carried out, which represents an increase of 5% compared to the previous year.

The department, which has 4 integrated health centers, 8 health centers, 34 clinics and 3 additional summer clinics, serves a population of 188.600 people. Of these, the basic area of ​​Dénia is the one with the highest volume of consultations in 2023, with more than 250.000, followed by Xàbia (more than 180.000), Calp (more than 150.000) and Benissa (more than 120.000).

Basic Health Councils

In 2024, the health councils have been established in each of the basic health areas of the department. These intersectoral bodies aim to improve the well-being and quality of life of the population through the active participation of citizens.

Each basic health council is chaired by a health professional and vice-chaired by a representative of local associations. In addition, members participate representing Primary Care professionals, social-health institutions, local pharmacies, the Dénia Public Health Center, neighborhood and patient associations, union representatives, school councils and different municipalities of the basic health zone.

The basic health councils are responsible for analyzing the state of community health, identifying health determinants, prioritizing and promoting health promotion actions, and identifying success stories in other similar contexts.

UMEs and Chronic Complex Patient Pla

The Primary Care of the Dénia health department also has the strategic objective of extending the work of the Medical-Nursing Units (UMEs) to all contingents of all basic health areas.

Likewise, the Complex Chronic Patient Plan is being piloted in the Ondara and Pedreguer health centers. It is a care circuit that encompasses the care of chronic patients in any context: from a situation of stability to a possible exacerbation and corresponding hospitalization.

Tribute to the health professionals of the Marina Alta

On the occasion of Primary Care Day, which will be celebrated today, Friday, April 12, the Dénia health department has launched an initiative to thank professionals for their work. It consists of a series of audiovisuals that are being disseminated this week through social networks. These videos show patients from different offices and health centers, thanking professionals of all profiles for the work they do.

Alpatró, La Vall de Gallinera

CSI Denia

CS Teulada

Duanes de Mar Office, Xàbia

CS Benissa

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