La Marina Alta and La Safor join forces to demand the Dénia-Gandia train La Marina Alta and La Safor join forces to demand the Dénia-Gandia train

La Marina Alta and La Safor join forces to demand the Dénia-Gandia train

May 15 from 2024 - 15: 21

This Wednesday the mayors of Dénia, Ondara, Gandía, Oliva, Bellreguart​​ and Palmera have met at the town hall of the capital of Marina Alta to address the lack of a train connecting Dénia with Gandía and join forces to demand its construction.

"It is time to start speaking clearly," declared José Manuel Prieto, mayor of Gandía, who announced that three agreements had been reached at the meeting. The first, create a manifesto with all the affected municipalities maintaining a unanimous position demanding the railway that unites both regions.

The second objective presented at the press conference was the organization of a forum of economic and social agents, in addition to town councils, to "advance common policies between La Safor and La Marina and their neighborhood relations, to achieve a competitive advantage." Prieto mentioned.

Thirdly, a dialogue table with the Ministry of Transport and the Generalitat. He has also explained that the Ministry has already conveyed its predisposition to them, while they expect the same from the Generalitat.

"In the 2024 budgets of the Generalitat there are 95.000 euros in two annual installments for TRAM studies and President Mazón, when he visited Gandia, said that there were 135.000 for the same year, it is a contradiction," commented Vicent Grimalt, mayor of Dénia.

«We do not want nor can we give up any of the infrastructure and what we want is for people to start talking about the matter. If the TRAM is the solution that is reached, it is welcome, but the historical demand is the coastal train," concluded the mayor of Gandía.

  1. Enric says:

    Some questions:

    If it is a TRAM, like the one there is now to go to Alicante, we better forget it, 3 hours for 100 km to transport foreigners and idle retirees. This is not a solution to energize the regions.

    And if in the end it is done. Where would the station be???

    Now that all modern cities try to have a single inter-modal station, here in Denia, at the moment we have 3, without shuttles that connect them. Buses to the South, Maritime to the North and TRAM in the city center, and whatever is to come.

  2. José Luis says:

    If it is true that they are trying to get to work on this issue, it would be very interesting to unite these two cities and if they close this section, think about the traffic that is going to be removed from the roads, and think about the pollution, now they are closing us to traffic to vehicles that we do not have an environmental label

  3. Roy says:

    Why don't the politicians give us all a break from this nonsense – they know that it will never happen The amount of time and money it took to “upgrade” the train/tram line from Alicante to Dénia (travel time approximately 3 hours) if by some miracle it happens l expect it to take approximately 29 years to complete Let's also not forget that this train line was ripped up in the 1960 era I suggest that these politicians concentrate on improving their towns

  4. JULY says:

    If they are going to make a tram that takes more than an hour, it is better not to spend money


    The Finnish train service to Valencia is VITAL especially for foreign students. Note that this news is positive, since it is seen, at the very least, an attempt to make mass and affordable transportation available in a completely isolated area of ​​the world such as Xàbia.
    Tanmateix, I would like to know WHY, once again Xàbia is not present in these negotiations (and it is not just a matter of this local Corporation, but of all). The negotiation of the departure of the AP-7 to GATA-PEDREGUER will now happen and the train will now pass. Why are we, probably, with the greatest need for connections due to our orographic situation?

  6. Jose says:

    It would be a good service for both cities