The Fiestas de Sant Vicent Ferrer de Teulada: dates, acts and curiosities The Fiestas de Sant Vicent Ferrer de Teulada: dates, acts and curiosities

The Fiestas de Sant Vicent Ferrer de Teulada: dates, acts and curiosities

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The Festivities in honor of Sant Vicent Ferrer They are the patron saint festivities of Teulada. For more than a week different acts are carried out that revolve around the Teuladino patron saint, famous in the town for his visit and stay in the year 1410.

When is celebrated

Teulada's main festivals are the week after Easter. The Monday after Easter Monday is the festival of Sant Vicent Ferrer, so the celebrations start a few days before. This 2024 begins on April 3 and ends on 21.

Featured Acts

The festival program varies each year in terms of shows, concerts or contracts, but always maintains a series of traditional events and days that cannot be missed in the Teuladina celebration.

Nit d'albades

On the first day of Teulada's big festivities, a Nit d'Albades is held. This act consists of going to the houses of the festeras of the year and, there, celebrate a cant d'albades, a variant of the cant valencià d'estil. The song is dedicated to outstanding people of the party, in this case, the festeras.

Another characteristic of this song is that, on occasions, they add a satirical theme to the verses. This tradition seeks to extol the figure of the representatives of the party and make them fully protagonists of the night. This Valencian tradition was recovered in Teulada in 2008 and continues to this day.

Coronation of the Queens

The coronation act of the Queens of the festivities takes place at night, normally the Friday before the day of Sant Vicent Ferrer. In it, the various festeros and their companions appear before the attendees and, finally, the queens, major and infantile, the highest representatives of the position of festeros, are crowned.

Descent of Sant Vicent Ferrer

The Sunday before the big festivity is held the descent of the image of the saint to the Hermitage of Sant Vicent Ferrer in the avenue of the Palms. From the Santa Caterina Mártir Church where it is installed as normal, the festeros and festeras and other companions leave in procession with the image to its final destination. Once there, tradition calls for 21 salvos to be fired in her honor.

Feast of Sant Vicent Ferrer

Monday is the big day of the patron saint festivities of Teulada, the Saint Vincent Ferrer's day. Of this day stands out, above all, the procession in his honor. From the hermitage where it rests the night before, the town of Teulada returns the image back to its traditional place, the Church of Santa Caterina. In the middle of the parade, between the streets, a large fireworks display is launched.

Parade of floats and costumes

One of the funniest acts of the Teulada festivities is the great parade of floats and costumes. on the tour several comparsas and peñas dress up of a specific theme to parade with his group through the streets of the town. Normally, the costumes are handmade so color and surprises are always served.

On the other hand, the elderly and children's festeras get on their respective floats to participate in the parade with their costumes chosen for the occasion. In addition, the entire route is accompanied by music, sharing the party with participants and attendees.

Les day Quintades

The last Saturday of the holidays the traditional Quintades are celebrated. On this day, the different groups born in the same year meet in an intense party day with music, drinks and food. To do this, they make a giant paella at noon. each rock or Quintà It is distinguished from the rest because its members usually dress in the same outfit.

Font Santa Pilgrimage

After a week off from non-stop partying, the following Sunday, the Teuladins dedicate one more day to their patron saint. This is the Font Santa pilgrimage, in which the participants again accompany the image of Sant Vicent through the streets of the town. The parade ends at the Ermita de la Font Santa, which is located on the outskirts on the way to Moraira.

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