ExisZe (Ondara) ExisZe (Ondara)

ExisZe (Ondara)

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ExisZe is the restaurant that combines gastronomic tradition of Dénia with avant-garde touches and creative, offering options for all tastes and all budgets.

With a focus committed to quality, this restaurant stands out for using fresh, local products, guaranteeing a great gastronomic experience.

Every Friday, ExisZe joins the tradition with its well-known pout, a comforting option that invites you to enjoy the most deep-rooted flavors. During the week, the restaurant offers a Varied menu that combines the authenticity of traditional food with affordable prices, allowing diners to explore various options.

The weekends are special in ExisZe, since the menu presents creative proposals that will surprise all palates, turning the visit to the restaurant into an experience that you will want to repeat again.

The ExisZe offer covers a wide range of rice, from the classic Valencian paella to more innovative options such as baked rice, fideuá, black rice, paella of beans and carxofes, and rice a banda. This great variety ensures that each diner finds the perfect rice for that moment.

In addition to its outstanding rice offering, ExisZe offers all types of lids: from rubble and fried potatoes to broken eggs and cokes. This variety of tapas provides visitors with the opportunity to explore different flavors in a cozy and unpretentious atmosphere.

ExisZe stands as a restaurant that fuses the traditional, offering fresh local products and a variety of options.


Plaça del País Valencià, 12, Ondara -
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