"This is not the reversal that the region deserves": Compromís denounces the deterioration of the Dénia Hospital due to "low-cost" care "This is not the reversal that the region deserves": Compromís denounces the deterioration of the Dénia Hospital due to "low-cost" care

"This is not the reversal that the region deserves": Compromís denounces the deterioration of the Dénia Hospital due to "low-cost" care

May 14 from 2024 - 15: 44

«The PP has turned a department, a hospital that could be a reference, into a hospital to which no one wants to come. And this is not only going to be a structural problem, but this summer we will find ourselves with problems because we do not have any resource planning for a region where many people are expected to arrive this summer thanks to tourism," warned the Health spokesperson in Les Corts de Compromís, Carles Esteve, who has asked Minister Marciano Gómez and the president of the Generalitat, Carlos Mazón, to end the model low-cost health care that they are promoting in the Marina Alta.

Esteve, together with the deputy for the region, Gerard Fullana, and the councilor of Dénia, María José García, and Ximo Perles, councilor in Calp, have met with the company committee of the Dénia hospital and with other workers once 100 days have passed since the Generalitat of PP and Vox assumed management of a department that was in the hands of the private company Marina Salud for nearly three decades.

«We are facing a flagrant non-compliance with what the minister announced, which was a calm reversal. We now find people who are only receiving the base salary. We are hearing first-hand terrible situations, of workers turning to bank loans after 13 years working for a company, Marina Salud, that systematically mistreated them. The excuse for non-payments (oh, surprise!) has once again been a computer error," Esteve said ironically.

"We already told the councilor that the entry of 350 workers was not enough," the deputy continued, "that it had to be equated with other health departments and that he was planning a health low cost. And we are already suffering this in auxiliary centers where an appointment is made and they are giving it up to three or four weeks later, this has not happened since the pandemic.

Esteve has considered that “this is not the reversal that the region deserves, this is not the public health that the region deserves. We urge the councilor to renounce this health model low-cost and that it dignifies it by providing the same reinforcements that the Botànic provided in the other health areas", whose management was privatized and was reverted to the public administration.

In this sense, Xaloner deputy Gerard Fullana added that "it is being a complicated spring for the Marina Alta in terms of the management of the PP and VOX. Just a month ago we denounced the cut in 30 million educational infrastructures, a 20% cut in aid to municipalities for fire prevention and we denounced the paralysis or disappearance of day centers worth 10 million euros. In Health, today, we have up to three or four times less resources than in other regions such as those that saw their management reverted to the public system. Like the case of Alzira, which had a 30% reinforcement; or Torrevieja, which had a 50% increase in staff. Here it has been around 20%.

Desperate situation and infrastructure that has never been built

The coalition has presented several motions in the town councils of Calp and Dénia, which still have pending the construction of health centers that were already contemplated in the private concession, but that were never carried out.

The councilor in charge of Health at the Dénia City Council, Maria José Garcia, explained that "in the Marina Alta, in terms of public health, we find ourselves in a desperate situation, long waiting hours and saturated emergencies. The work environment is very damaged. Right now there are no doctors for the Marina Alta, and those who are signed up for exchanges in other regions do not want to come, obviously. "That is why we demand concrete and urgent measures that allow us to attract or retain professionals by improving their working conditions in all departments of the Dénia Hospital."

«What we are clear about is that when we demanded and opted for the reversal and public management of the Navy's health it was to improve the situation... not to find ourselves as we find ourselves, a situation that endangers the attention of citizens. and health," he added.

For his part, Ximo Perles, councilor in Calp, recalled that since 2006 the construction of a health center has been expected in the municipality, which are currently auxiliary barracks. «Not only has Marina Salud left without building the center, I know that the PP has not even included it in its health investment plan. Priority, zero, after 20 years waiting.

  1. It says:

    Very smart Councilor
    To “attract or retain health personnel” we must make the quality of life, access to decent housing, good transportation and good services attractive.
    His opportunistic party without personality only works by supporting his PSPV bosses to promote this “sustainable tourism” that is killing everything.
    Now “demand” that others do the things that you have not known how to do for years.

  2. Omniway says:

    Trying to miserably obtain political gain says enough about you.

  3. Fortuna says:

    The victims are the patients and we don't care about "what each other does" who DO NOTHING, only when "a little problem appears" do they take out their "armament" to fire against those "who are not on their side", "the “progressives” as they call themselves, they have been there for 8 years and they have not lifted a finger, but they have appeared in the photo and the corresponding verbiage. !!!Go now!!! And work for the citizens, which is your mission. YOU HAVE ABANDONED US AND OTHERS and now to "save our lives and our health" we are taking out private insurance, because we have no other option. I repeat. !!GO NOW!! BE MORE EFFICIENT

  4. Martha says:

    Hört doch auf von privaten Gesundheitszentren oder Krankenhäuser zu sprechen (privat ist doch schon in Überzahl) Hier fehlen einfach more öffentliche Gesundheitszentren sowie Krankenhäuser
    The Zuwachs von festtwohnenden Bürgern ist in den Jahren stets angestiegen und die Überzahl der Sozialkrankenversicherten
    nehmen immer mehr zu,solche Klassenunterschiede ist nicht mehr vertretbar
    Hier wird der Zugang zu allen Gesundheitsversorgungen verwehrt
    The Ruf der Marina Alta ist geschädigt worden kein Wunder das das ärztliche Personal unter diesen Bedingungen dort nicht arbeiten wollen da ihre Grundrechte auf gerechte Bezahlung erstreitet werden muss
    Read Versprechungen helfen Keinem wer muss leiden der Patient nach wie vor

  5. July says:

    Nothing else could be expected, unfortunately. Those who privatize were not going to return a hospital to the public model, for the better, not even in the slightest. They will deteriorate it further and we will end up saying how good Marina Salud was!

  6. Anonymous says:

    The PP says... the hospital has been collapsed for at least 13 years, I still remember when I went in 2011 for a crack in my wrist, I was there from 17.30:1.00 p.m. to 5:XNUMX a.m. to have an x-ray done and put on half a cast. and bandage and in the waiting room there were only XNUMX people. The PSOE has not done anything during the entire time of government and they could have done it since the hospital was not completely private and received money from the government, why didn't they do anything either?