El Montgó Waldorf International School (Jávea) El Montgó Waldorf International School (Jávea)

El Montgó Waldorf International School (Jávea)

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The El Montgó International Waldorf School, based in Jávea since 2017, was born as a nursery school to later also incorporate the primary stage.

It is the only infant and primary school in the Marina Alta with alternative pedagogy approved by the Generalitat.

The main difference of this center lies in its teaching method. Waldorf pedagogy places special emphasis on accompanying the different evolutionary stages of the child by the teacher, and tries to provide him with what he needs according to his evolutionary moment, and not according to what the social system wants from him; education is considered as a development towards individual freedom.

Why Waldorf?

  • Because they treat each child respectfully, individually and kindly.
  • Because it allows kids to be kids without overwhelming them with knowledge or demanding cognitive skills ahead of time.
  • Because they give value to non-toxic and simple toys and materials.
  • Because beauty, order, simplicity, harmony, rhythm and peace are part of everyday life.
  • Because it is recognized by children's ability to imitate as a way to conquer the world and make it their own.
  • Because the day to day is fed by the arts, manual work, music and theater


In the facilities of this center, all materials are created from natural elements.

The center has about 2500 m2 of open-air patios, surrounded by pine trees, sandboxes, wooden cabins, a climbing wall and even an orchard.

At present, it has about 380 m2 of construction for infant and primary, but there is a project to expand its facilities to also accommodate the high school grade.

In infant classrooms, toys made of wool and felt made by the teachers themselves.

On the other hand, in primary school, textbooks children write them themselves based on the knowledge they acquire in class. The music, art and values they can never be absent in a school with this pedagogy.

At El Montgó International Waldorf School they respect the rhythm of each child, foster their self-esteem, autonomy and creativity.


Calle Boix, 1, Trencall, Jávea -
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