The Calp Auditorium hosts the dance show 'Marrr' by Marta García from Calpina The Calp Auditorium hosts the dance show 'Marrr' by Marta García from Calpina

The Calp Auditorium hosts the dance show 'Marrr' by Marta García from Calpina

Event Date: 14 January 2023
Event type: Ballet
Site: Auditorium of the House of Culture of Calp
Schedule: 18: 30 hours
Home: Free
Event finished

The Auditorium of the Casa de Cultura will host the dance show 'Marrr' by the Valencian company on Saturday The Lola Boreal Aimed at family audiences, choreographed and performed by Sandra F. Blanco, Helena González and Marta García Navarro from Calp.

Precisely, Marta García Navarro defines this show as "an educational show that has the capacity to generate knowledge before and after the artistic process, through the body it is intended to involve the public", born in Calp in 1992, she was trained in the classes that taught in the Calp House of Culture, first in classical and Spanish dance and then in contemporary dance. At the age of 18, she moved to Valencia to study psychology, however, she never disassociated herself from dance and the same day that she obtained her degree, she took the entrance exams to the Superior Dance Conservatory of Valencia, receiving an excellence scholarship.

Marta Garcia

She is a choreographer, educator and performer in companies such as La Lola Boreal, Moments Art, Les Juntes and La Coja Dansa. Her project AEIOOU by her, together with Noelia Arcos, has been selected by Espai La Granja, an experimentation space of the Institut Valencià de Cultura. It is a research work that proposes to work with the body
feminine through the different dance techniques creating a language of the woman's body.

She is also a cultural manager at the Professional Dance Association of the Valencian Community and a cultural mediator at Vía Escénica. The artist herself points out that "in the world of performing arts you have to be multidisciplinary, I combine research with the pedagogical and creative part".

Creator of the company Columpiant la Dansa, with which she has received different artistic residencies: in educational projects by the Valencia City Council and by the Consorci de Museos based on the Resistències Artístiques initiative, as well as a residency at the Choreographic Center of la Gomera (2018) and in the National Dance Company (2019). She receives a second prize from the University of Valencia for the creativity and innovation of the choreographic and pedagogical project VOL. II. She also collaborates with educational projects such as Dansa i No Gènere (projecte
PLANEA), has worked with proposals for social inclusion such as Moments Art Dansa i Teatre and collaborated with the dance project of the Gargasindi Special Education College 'El árbol de la vida'. Since 2019 she has taught contemporary dance, improvisation and composition classes at the Maria Carbonell Dance Center.

Marta affirms that "the truth is that the world of art is difficult, there is a lot of intermittent work and evident precariousness, although I have been lucky, I have covered a lot. I like the creative process but also the investigation, the relationship between the spectator and the artist".

The dance show 'Marrr' by La Lola Boreal will take place next Saturday, January 14, at 18:30 p.m. in the Auditorium of the Casa de Cultura, admission is free and it is organized by the Department of Culture.

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