The unemployment rate in the Marina Alta decreases by 12,1% The unemployment rate in the Marina Alta decreases by 12,1%
May 15 from 2024 - 12: 54

The months of April are usually characterized almost without exception by strong increases in membership and somewhat more moderate decreases in unemployment. On this occasion, the figures published are consistent with the seasonal pattern, although in both variables the evolution has been worse than what was observed in the same month last year. Job seekers have decreased during April, especially due to the reactivation of job seekers employed with discontinuous permanent contracts in Hospitality. Finally, hiring has grown compared to the previous month but not in year-on-year terms.

The labor reform has just completed two years, since, although it came into force in January 2022, the changes in contracting modalities did not begin to be fully applied until April of that year. This month's membership and registered unemployment figures suggest that this reform has been positive for the labor market in the region. Although Holy Week has not fallen in this month of April, it has left more than positive results in the labor market of the Marina Alta. Throughout the month, 99 new jobs have been created.

Data that allows us to approximate the number of Social Security affiliates to 62.000. This strong dynamism also allowed the number of unemployed to be reduced by 81 people and thus reduce the total to 8.494 unemployed, the fourth lowest figure in 16 years. And in the last year, unemployment has decreased by 2.028 people and has therefore fallen by -5,33%. In the last 2 years, it has decreased by 1.571 people; That is, since April 2022, unemployment has fallen by 15,61%.

According to data from the Marina Alta Observatory of CREAMA and PACTE'MA - a project subsidized by LABORA Valencian Employment and Training Service and by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, within the AVALEM TERRITORI program of the Generalitat Valenciana -, the number of affiliated people 1 to Social Security, in this month of April there has been an increase of 99 jobs compared to March (+0,16%), adding to the positive trend of the past two months. April leaves the total number of affiliates at 61.912, the second maximum number of employees in the month of April behind last April 2023.

Regarding the number of job seekers, it decreased in April by 81 people compared to March, reaching 8.494 job seekers. A figure that maintains the level of unemployment at a rate below 9.000 people, a record achieved since April 2023. , and reaching the lowest number for the month of April since 2008 (7.201). This is equivalent to a monthly drop of -0,94%, a drop in the number of claimants typical of the month of April, but this drop is less than usual in the month of April (-392 on average in 2010-2019 or - 289 in the past 2021-2023). This reduction compared to March is lower than the percentage decrease registered in the Valencian Community, Alicante province and national count (-1,18%, -1,37% and -2,71%, respectively).

In the “Sector Reports” section of the Marina Alta Observatory website You can access the complete report with detailed analysis of affiliations, unemployment, and hiring.

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