Cinema, awards and great emotion in the middle of the RiuRau Film Festival in Jesús Pobre Cinema, awards and great emotion in the middle of the RiuRau Film Festival in Jesús Pobre

Cinema, awards and great emotion in the middle of the RiuRau Film Festival in Jesús Pobre

05 September 2022 - 10: 49

The Gran Riurau de Jesús Pobre was the perfect setting for the second round of screenings at the eleventh edition of the RiuRau Film Festival. The first day of cinema on Friday was marked by a strong international character. Authors from the United States, Iran, Australia-United Kingdom and Spain starred in the evening in the category of Fiction. A space was also dedicated to the short films of the section of Fiction in Valencia that could not be reproduced the previous Friday due to the rain.

On Saturday, the exhibition focused on shorts from Fiction from the Escola de Cinema Riurau, the festival quarry; in those selected from the RiuRau Express; in the presentation of Sharqi from the Associació Escola de Cinema Riurau in the Dance Film category; and in the screening of two short films Fiction in Valencia who could not appear in La Xara either.

The short films exhibited during the second weekend of the festival were:


  • Masaru, Ruben Navarro, USA 12min 54s
  • The umbrella by Christopher Sánchez. 14min 25s
  • a winner from Mehdi Mahaei, Iran. 20min
  • Shark of Nash Edgerton, Australia-UK. 14min
  • Ellie by Fernando Bonelli. 19min 58s
  • Namaste by Laura Candle. 2min 3s
  • January 66 by Jaime Garcia. 13min 48s

Fiction School of Cinema Riurau

  • Diana and the last flower by Jocelyne Pardo. 5min 21s
  • the trigger by J. Ramón Mota 13min
  • I was just breathing by Maria Alejandra Gamez. 3min
  • trans mulet reverse by Nina Saragossa. 4min 11s
  • Herbert's Adventures by Rodolphe Dupuis. 6min 20s
  • The Russian Interpretation Course before the Dénia camera. 10 minutes
  • Només is a joc Interpretation Course before the Xàbia camera. 7min 35s
  • The Antoni Massó package by Manuel Font. 7min 50s
  • The visitor by José Alberto Tur. 5min 30s
  • Family by Pep Font. 8min 30s
  • Pate by Barbara Pitov. 6min

Acknowledgments to the soul of l'Escola de Cinema Riurau

The evening also gave awards and diplomas to the students of the Escola de Cinema Riurau, a great recognition of one of the essential souls of the festival. On the other hand, the winner for the best short film at the Riurau Express was Fabián Llisterri with 40 degrees in the shade.

The winners of l'Escola and their respective categories were:

  • Best short: Family by Pep Font
  • Best screenplay: Pateby Barbara Pitov
  • Best direction: José R. Mota, for the trigger
  • Best Cinematography: Trans Mulet Reverse by Nina Saragossa
  • Best Art Direction: Ex Aequo for Herbert's Adventures by Rodolphe Dupuis and The Antoni Massó package by Manu Font
  • Best Production Direction: the beginning, Jara Márquez collective, Deva Castells, Duke Esplá, Jhuliana Ramallo and Minerva Molina
  • Best Makeup: Lydia Triebel for Family
  • Best actress: Paloma Vera for Family
  • Best Supporting Actress: Lali Abad for Pate
  • Best Editing: The visitor, by Jose Alberto Tur
  • Audience Award for Best Short: Family, by Pep Font

You can consult the complete program of the RiuRau Film Festival here!.

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