Buses in Teulada-Moraira: lines, fares and timetables Buses in Teulada-Moraira: lines, fares and timetables

Buses in Teulada-Moraira: lines, fares and timetables

January 02 from 2022 - 09: 00

Teulada-Moraira has bus service both regular line and urban transport. The latter connects both population centers with Calp, since the service originates from Calp. On the other hand, the regular bus runs through various municipalities of the Marina Alta and connects Alicante with Valencia.

Urban bus

The Ifach bus company is in charge of connecting the municipalities of Calp and Teulada-Moraira. The urban transport that provides service to the latter corresponds to the bus line 3.

Itinerary L3 Calpe Park-Moraira-Teulada

Ifach bus Line 3 starts at the Calpe Park stop in Calp. the tour It consists of 18 stops in the Teulada-Moraira direction and 22 on the way back to Calp.


The inter-urban transport of the L3 The service begins at 7:45 a.m. and ends at 19:15 p.m. in winter and at 20:20 p.m. in summer.

Consult all the information about the summer bus service here.

Stops in Moraira

In the municipality of Moraira there are four stops other than inter-city transport:

  • Crossroads of Benitatxell: 206 Teulada-Moraira road
  • Moraira: 1A Highway Moraira to Calp
  • germisant: 144 Highway Moraira to Calp
  • Algae: 196 Highway Moraira to Calp

Stops in Teulada

For its part, the population center of Teulada has two stops where you can take bus Line 3. The first, and main, is located in the Polígono el Pla, more commonly known as Teulada crossing.

The second is in the Mediterranean avenue number 100.

Bonobus Card

The company in charge of urban transport offers the yellow card (purse) of bus pass to facilitate the payment of the ticket to users who regularly use the service. To request it, you must ask the driver The bus.

The yellow card is exclusive for Line 3 and the deposit to acquire it is 2,50 euros. It is called a money card because it acts as a money container to pay for each trip. East it can be accumulated and can be recharged at 5, 10, 15 or 0 euros every time.

Bus Alicante-Valencia in Teulada-Moraira

The bus company Alsa is in charge of the regular line that runs through various municipalities of the Marina Alta. In addition, it is the transport in charge of connecting Alicante with Valencia. The route of this bus line also offers some stops in other regions such as Marina Baixa, Safor and Ribera Baixa.


The bus route connects the Adif station in Alicante with the AVE or bus station in Valencia. In the route brochures are indicated two stops in Teulada, however, on the Alsa website, on some occasions, only the crossing stop (El Pla industrial estate) appears depending on each specific time.

Schedules direction Alicante-Valencia

One of the characteristics to take into account is that the route schedule indicates some stops at which the transport does not stop. For this reason, it is necessary pay special attention to the specific hours of each stop, since some are empty.

Monday to Friday

In Alsa's schedules it can be seen that from Monday to Friday there is only one stop schedule in Cullera. On the other hand, there are some points that do not have a schedule (San Juan crossing, Campello, Villajoyosa, port of Dénia, Xeresa, Xeraco, Favara, Sueca, Sollana, Silla and Manises airport).

In Teulada, the regular bus line towards Valencia during the week starts from 09:20 a.m. to 20:35 p.m..


On Saturdays, the bus passes through the Pla de Teulada industrial estate for the first time at 09:10, while the last stop in the municipality is at 19:55. It should be noted that Saturday is the only day that the service arrives at Manises airport, Valencia.


On Sundays, the bus to Valencia makes its first stop in Teulada at 09:10 a.m., while the last stops before the rest of the previous days, at 18:10 p.m. At this time the stop in Villajoyosa stands out, since Sunday is the only day that is included in the route.

Schedules direction Valencia-Alicante

The route from Valencia to Alicante maintains some similarities with the previous one in the opposite direction. On this occasion, the route starts at the bus station in the capital and ends in the city of Alicante.

Monday to Friday

During the week, this route has the same stops as the bus in the Alicante-Valencia direction. But nevertheless, Cullera is not included in the schedule, just like Villajoyosa.

Thus, in Teulada the first stop is at 07:40 and the last one at 21:25..


On Saturday, from Valencia to Alicante, yes you can stop in Cullera. Also, at 12:30 there is only a departure from Valencia airport itself. On the other hand, this day the bus does not have a schedule at the Adif station in Alicante. Despite this, Villajoyosa does host a stop.

Regarding the schedules in the municipality of Teulada, the service starts at 07:50 and ends at 21:20.


also on sundays the bus stops in Cullera, but not in Villajoyosa. However, the Adif station in Alicante has a stop at 15:35.

For its part, in Teulada on Sundays the bus service starts at 10:25 am and ends at 21:10 pm.

Price Plans

The total price of the route between Alicante and Valencia is 21,65 Euros. Depending on the user's collection point and final stop, the price of the ticket will vary. On the other hand, from Teulada, the price of the ticket to Alicante is 09:50 euros, while to Valencia it is 13,50 euros.

Finally, to purchase the travel ticket it is necessary to access the website of Alsa to buy it in advance. If not specified before, it is possible to cbuy it on the bus itself through the driver.

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